As a partner at Tony Robbins Platinum Partners, Dimple has a passion to serve others to be free of the diet rat race & have an outstanding relationship with food. Dimple Thakrar is a registered dietitian with over 22 years NHS experience.

Dimple is a well-known and respected consultant spokesperson for the media and the British Dietetic Association (BDA)......often providing insights and advice on television, radio and in newspapers. Dimple is passionate about helping people change their relationship with food and their bodies for life. Helping people to say "No" to ill-health through diet, taking back control of their body, health and diet. Dimple Thakrar is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC registration No. DT06301).

TEDxBolton 2017 Topic

[Food Freedom]

Are you feeling confused about what is the RIGHT thing to eat? What foods are good and what foods are bad for you?

Are you constantly battling with your weight and wondering what food to eat or simply trying to do the right thing but feel bombarded by mixed media messages, the latest celebrity diet or detoxing before hols?

Would you finally like to be rid of all those ideas in your head and be free of food control? Imagine life without food noise? More space to think and do what you really want to do...Space to answer your soul’s callings and replace the food noise with joy. Be the shape you are supposed to be and be totally happy with it.

The answer to all those confusing mixed media nutrition messages and understanding the why and how you eat the way you do and find a way of eating that is true to you. That fits your unique self. True, authentic self-indulged food freedom!

Speaking as both a dietitian and a busy mother of two, Dimple will unravel some of the mixed messages around nutrition and give you the facts on how to have and keep a healthy diet for life for you and your family.