Forbes listed Lilach as one of the Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers and Career Experts made her their Number 1 Digital Marketing Influencer.

Named the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle, Lilach specialises in digital marketing, social media training and public speaking.

Lilach's career has taken her to 10 Downing Street and her words have featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, Wired, The Sunday Times and The Guardian.

TEDxBolton 2017 Topic

[How I Learned to Overcome The Fear of Not Being Liked]

Most of us want to be liked. It’s an emotional habit that we’re taught as children - being nice and doing good things means getting good things back.
But the business world doesn’t always work like that. Wanting to please people all the time can actually have an adverse effect on your success.
Sometimes, you are not going to be liked by the people you have to deal with as part of your business.
Sometimes, you are going to hear the word NO.
Sometimes, people are going to try to walk all over you.
In fact, you’re probably going to hear NO more than you hear YES.

Lilach Bullock has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years; with no higher education, a daughter to raise and starting off with a strong desire to be liked, being a business owner hasn’t always been a walk in the park.
Now, she wants to share with you her story of overcoming the fear of not being liked, of finding a way of being nice while also taking charge and continuously growing her business.
Join her TEDx Talk to find out how you too can overcome your fear of not being liked and how this can help you become more successful in your professional life.