Lubna has worked in the field of domestic abuse and violence, for several years. She amassed experience whilst working for the first South East Asian service in Chicago, as a legal advocate. She is currently working for the Domestic Abuse & Violence Service in Bolton for a national project called IRISi, training GPs about how to identify signs of domestic abuse and endorsing a referral pathway specifically for men and women.

Lubna has also ran her own business for 5 years in the health and well being industry, working with a number of corporate companies nationally. She has been fortunate enough to have worked and lived in Dublin, Sydney and Melbourne.

She is trained as a Stress Coach, gained a qualification in counselling, Adult Education Training, Independent Domestic Violence Advocate Diploma and has studied Psychology (BSc) and a Masters in Criminology.

TEDxBolton 2017 Topic

["A Journey of a 1,000 Miles Must Begin With a Single Step" Lao Tzu]

We are powerful beings with a potential to create, develop and instigate change that has demonstrable positive impact not only on ourselves, but on others around us. Thus impacting society at a local and ultimately global level.

Recognise, how by taking the pro-active step of shifting our perspective on how we view domestic abuse and violence (DAV), it will begin a ripple effect of change impacting how we view it and ultimately overcome it. We will explore the possibilities of how you can begin this journey for change by challenging beliefs whilst understanding the complex dynamics of DAV.

It’s a call to you to decide on how you can be part of a mass movement to help shift attitudes, support individuals who are experiencing abuse and how we can collectively unite in ending domestic abuse and violence against men, women and children.