For the past 15 years, Robert has toured his spellbinding hypnotic shows across 10 countries, hypnotising over 20,000 people in 2,000 five-star performances, from the Las Vegas to London. From Mumbai to Greece.

From Egypt to... um, Weymouth. A dynamic, upbeat performer he provides world-class entertainment for corporate events, theatres, private parties, cruise ships, universities... and any other excuse you need to take over the stage!

Robert is a talented comedian and hypnotist, combining quick-wit, cheeky charm and a dazzling hypnotic ability to create a truly unforgettable blend, dragging this age-old art form BANG into the 21st century.

TEDxBolton 2017 Topic

[Hypnosis For Entertainment: Losing Your Mind Has Never Been This Funny!]

Forget swinging watches and people clucking like chickens...

Robert Temple is making hypnosis hilarious again and demonstrating why this age-old art form is making a big comeback! When your eyes close, your imagination unlocks and something purely imaginary becomes your total reality - and Robert is here to prove it.

For hundreds of years, hypnosis has been shrouded in mystery, intrigue and gossip... so you're about to discover how it works and just how much fun it can really be!