Simon Stanley is an energetic, vibrant digital entrepreneur with an insatiable thirst for life; he thrives on unlocking life experiences and sharing his learning journey with others.

In his early years working for £3.75 an hour on minimum wage, his dream was to become a professional human beatboxer. He began performing at different venues, and competed in the 2010 UK beatbox championships in an attempt to get recognized, however it became evident that wasn’t the path he was destined for.

In following his inner-voice, Simon began travelling the world and documenting his own breakthroughs and life experiences in video form. His philosophical content quickly gained momentum to where his message is being consumed by hundreds of thousands of people collectively in over 57 different countries. Since then he’s built a profitable online business, and has been invited to speak in packed conferences and seminars, sharing his potentially life-transforming philosophy with those in attendance.

TEDxBolton 2017 Topic

[Beatboxing to Success]

Ever felt lost in life? Discover Simon's inspiring story, where his once lifelong dream of becoming the UK human beatboxing champion was crushed, crashing out of the 2010 championships in the first round, to stumbling upon a little-known philosophy that helped him attune to his inner-voice, discover his purpose, and empower hundreds of thousands of people collectively in over 57 countries with his online life lessons.

He’s also rinsed and repeated the same philosophy to acquire life-changing skills, such as learning a new language, building a profitable online business from scratch, cultivating incredible lifelong relationships, and living in 5 different cities with zero previous connections. What’s more, such personal growth has transformed his previous introverted self, to attaining near bulletproof resistance to fear and social anxiety.

In this talk, Simon shares not only his inspiring story, also the exact life philosophy he harnessed with you.